Shannon's Simple Health Rules: FREE group

Join us tomorrow for two weeks of focus on being healthy in our own way . This free group happens right in our Quirky Girl health community and is open to any woman with a desire to form some new habits and begin a much deeper understanding of what a healthy life looks like in the real world.
I'll offer you my 10 no-BS health rules (hint: they're pretty easy) and motivate you to stick to them for the remainder of the group, at which point we'll work on forming our OWN rules that are specific to our OWN lifestyles .
This is a quick and dirty healthy lifestyle shift. Are you in? Join us here: and feel free to invite your friends!

Shift Shop Results

6 week results 
That's 6 days a week of workouts, for 6 weeks. Zero days missed! That's a big deal for me, because I'm one to skip Saturdays and eat donuts instead .
Not much has changed looks-wise. But I'm definitely stronger and I can do pushups and last through a 50 minute cardio workout without throwing up or having to stop. I'm no longer scared of the longer workouts, and I have pushed my body to a point I wasn't sure I'd be able to do! Overall I have loved Shift Shop and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new challenge!
I'm taking a rest day tomorrow and starting Chalean Extreme and PiYo . My body needs a bit of a break, but I still want to keep my strength, so it should be a perfect combo until I start the next big program .
I'm always looking for new workout friends, so let me know if you're ready to join me!!

21 Day Fix Paleo Monday Meals

Breakfast:  Eggs, Avocado, Coconut Oil
Snack:  Apple, Almonds
Lunch:  Spinach, Chicken, Dressing, Sugar Snaps
Snack:  Vegan Vanilla shake, Organic Berries
Dinner:  Salmon, Green Beans, Coconut Oil, Sweet Potatoes

Real Life Momtest: Perfect Pancake Maker

Have you seen this all over Facebook?  It seemed like all of a sudden everyone was posting an infomercial about this Perfect Pancake maker, with comments about how amazing it looked.  But when I went to Amazon to purchase one, there were some serious negative reviews.

What else do you do but buy one and try it yourself?  ;)

We did just that, and today was the maiden voyage for this little gadget, which is just a piece of silicon with circular shapes cut out to form the pancakes.  I was seriously skeptical.  I make a mean pancake... so there was a lot at stake!

I found this on Amazon.  I'm not sure it even matters which seller or "brand" you choose... It looks like they're almost all the exact same, probably from one manufacturer.  I chose one with Amazon Prime shipping, because that's how this mama rolls.

My kids decided they wanted chocolate chip pancakes for lunch, and it's still summer (OMG when does school start again??) so of course I was down for that.  Perfect time to try out my new pancake ring.

The key here is to find a pan that's totally flat on the bottom, that fits really well.  If the pancake ring isn't flush against the bottom of the pan, the batter will leak under the silicon (which was a problem in almost every Amazon review--user error)
Pancake mix (cheapo stuff to mix with water, because I'm not wasting my expensive organic gluten free stuff on this experiment, come on dude...) and milk chocolate chips on the ready

OK, here we go.  Pour into holes.  Add chocolate chips.  And... now what?  I let it sit for what felt like an hour, but was really about five minutes or so.  I was afraid to turn it too soon or it'd just end up a mess.

Let's turn this thing!!  I grabbed the convenient handles (which were cool to the touch because science) and turned the whole thing over.  Surprisingly, there was only a bit of overflow and I didn't flip it all over myself in the process.  Will this actually work??  No-makeup-but-wearing-clean-workout-clothes-as-real-clothes mama is thinking maybe so.

Shit, that's looking a bit overflowy... what's going on under there??  How long do I have to wait??  Is it cooking the middle??

Hmmm...  I pulled off the silicon ring.  That's a lot of extra mix hanging out there.  Maybe this isn't working.  Is it supposed to look like one giant doughball??  OK, here's what I did:  I just took a spatula and cut them apart.  Voila.  Fixed that ;).

Finished product.  They look really amazing!  Not perfectly circular like the infomercial showed, but hey, nothing a little less mix would fix next time.  My kids said these were the best pancakes they ever had.  Ever.  As in, they ate every single bite of these Aunt Jemima mix-with-water silicon ring pancakes and freaking loved them, even more than my handmade, handcrafted organic gluten free pancakes I usually make  LOL.  Well there you go.  #momtest complete.  Lesson of the day: buy the cheap mix and this ring and save yourself a bunch of time ;).
Hope you enjoyed our #momtest !  If you try this out, let us know how you did with it!  If you liked this post, let me know, and feel free to share with your friends too :).  I appreciate the love!