“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” – Leo F. Buscaglia.
It's 2020. The year of worry. #amiright
I tend to worry about everything. Story of my life ;). Lately it's been Covid, school starting, hubby's job, whether the kids are going insane at home with me or whether I'm going insane home with them 😂.
The thing is, worry holds us back. It keeps us locked into a place of anxiety, where we have trouble seeing what's good and positive about our lives.
I'm working on it. A warm cup of coffee and a dog in my lap helps 😊
Is there something you need to let go of? Are you a worrier?
You're not alone! What helps you clear your head when the noise is too loud?

New Group Forming Now

➡️ Sometimes you need to fall on your butt ⬅️

My moment was a few weeks into quarantine. The kids were doing school at home, the pilot got news that the future may get weird, I wasn't getting out and seeing actual human people, and any plans to have family visit were put on indefinite hold.

I wasn't taking care of myself... Everything I had went to taking care of everyone else!  I was stressed, scared of one of us getting sick, and of Chris losing his job, and I was lonely, even as an introvert 😂.

I had reached my "falling on my butt" moment. The moment that made me finally want to DO something about it.

For years I drank a shake every day that helped chill my mood and stay on track with nutrition. I worked out. I drank water. I had a girl squad to keep me hyped. You know, the usual health stuff ;). Why wasn't I doing that anymore?? ðŸĪŠ

Y'all, it hasn't been easy. But it's been 5 weeks of daily workouts and drinking that superfood shake that I used to depend on. I'm feeling so much better! More ME, you know?

I want this for you too!! If you've had your butt-fall moment (haha) let me help!

I'm searching for 10 ladies who want to BRING IT this summer. I'll hook you up with:

🏋️‍♀️  my favorite workouts
🍎  nutrition guide (with new meal plan suggestions every week)
ðŸĪŠ  mood boosting nutrition shake
👧  a group of AMAZING chicas all looking to be their BEST

I have TWO DISCOUNT CODES left for the first brave ladies to step up and take charge of her health and happiness ✌️

Contact me if you're ready to join us, or click here for all the details 💊


I've been trying to learn to watercolor for awhile. I found this kit on letsmakeart that teaches how to recreate the painting given using paints and instructions all within the kit. 

It's been super fun trying to figure it all out! Usually I just make little doodles on paper. Pumpkins in the fall, little coffee cups and snowflakes in the winter, pineapples and palm leaves in the summer... 

I have other kits I got from Christmas from this same online store. I keep forgetting to dig them out! Something about kids and motherhood always taking over hahaha

I'll have to give it a shot and update :). Have y'all tried watercolor? Are you a doodler or a legit painter? I'd love to hear about it!

healthy lunch

This was the simplest lunch to make and left me feeling full for hours.

I used deli chicken to make it quick, but there are so many recipes for cooking chicken breasts, whether baked or in the instant pot. I also used frozen green beans and frozen mango slices. The quinoa was boil-in-the-bag. I wasn't playing around with this one 😂. 

You can season chicken a million different ways to make the meal change flavor. It's so versatile! I used a Jamaican Jerk seasoning for my lunch today, and added some himilayan salt to the green beans. 

Avocado and mango are among one of the best combos (IMO). I thawed the frozen mango chunks in the microwave for 60 sec and it was perfect ❤️. 

No real recipe for this one. Just heating and eating. 

1 red
1 green
1 purple
1 yellow
1 blue

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