80 Day Obsession

80 Day Obsession Results!

In 13 weeks I lost 16lbs and 14in, and I feel absolutely incredible.

I didn't know I could accomplish such a large goal... 80 workouts. 13 weeks of spot on nutrition. This was such a great program, and really set me up for success for the rest of the year <3.

Happy Birthday Quirky Girl Fitness!

4 years ago today I created my own health and fitness business!
I committed to becoming my healthiest self, both inside and out, all while helping others do the same.
In 4 years I've grown a community of women--a team of both coaches and clients--who continue to lose weight, fit into their clothes, gain strength, gain healthier relationships with food, and battle depression and anxiety through diet and exercise.
I have absolutely LOVED my life as a FitLife Coach ❤️. It has been a wonderful fit for my crazy military and pilot wife and mama lifestyle ✌️. I work when it's convenient, and mentor other women looking to create some freedom in their own lives. It's been an amazing ride!!
Happy anniversary, Quirky Girls! Thanks for being here with me through it all!! I couldn't do it without you!


Always ❤️

Two weeks to summer

It's just about summer time, and Texas is HOT. For some reason it's already up to 100 degrees during the day and we're already so over it.

We made an agreement. Blow up swimming pool for the win. And we plan on living in it ;).