10 Easy 21 Day Fix Dinners

Health doesn't have to be hard, and healthy meals don't have to take long to make.  You can follow your plan and love your food at the same time ;).  Here are my top 10 favorite 21 Day Fix Approved meals (so far):

1.  Tilapia (Red), Brown Rice (Yellow), Avocado (Blue), Mango (Purple)

Brush tilapia with coconut oil or olive oil, season and grill or bake.  Cook rice as directed.  In a small bowl mix diced 1/2 avocado and diced mango with lime juice and basil.  Serve together.

2.  Chicken (Red), Whole Wheat Pasta (Yellow), Broccoli (Green)

Cook pasta as directed.  Chop chicken and saute in oil until cooked through, add broccoli and seasoning and mix with pasta.

3.  Chili:  Beef (Red), Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions (Green), Beans (Yellow), Tomato Sauce (Purple)

Cook ground beef, add tomatoes, peppers and onions, beans and tomato sauce and cook through until hot and everything is soft.  Season as you choose.

4.  Shredded Seasoned Beef (Red), Sliced Peppers (Green), Spinach (Green)

Slow cook a beef roast with beef broth and southwest seasoning. Shred and serve with veggies on a spinach salad

5.  Tilapia (Red), Black Beans (Yellow), Broccoli (Green), Shredded Cheese (Blue)

6.  Tacos:  Beef (Red), Peppers (Green), Shredded Cheese (Blue), Tortillas (Yellow)

7.  Chicken (Red), Rice (Yellow), Jalapenos (Green), Pineapple (Purple)

8.  Chicken (Red), Rice (Yellow), Beans (Yellow), Salsa (1/2 Purple), Jalapenos (1/2 Green)

9.  Turkey Meatballs (Red), Wheat Pasta (Yellow), Tomato Sauce (Purple), Steamed Veggies (Green)

You can use this recipe for the meatballs.

10.  Shredded Chicken (Red), Brown Rice (Yellow), Shredded Cheese (Blue), Green Beans (Green)


  1. Can you tell me what kind of seasonings you use on your food?

  2. Where can I find the recipes to these delicious looking dishes?