Welcome to Life in the Health Lane!


I'm Shannon, and I'll be your health coach ;).

Please join me in this journey towards a better, more fulfilling life.  In this weblog I'll post clean eating and 21 Day Fix specific recipes, videos and photos of short workouts, and discussions of various health and fitness related topics.

I will surely go off topic some days, and speak about my family, or rant about Starbucks messing up my order, but I'll always find my way back to the things that really matter in life:  love, health, kindness and authenticity.

This isn't my first blog... and probably won't be my last.  But this will be a more focused project, whereas everything I've done before has been a hodgepodge of crafting, writing, cooking, mommying, etc.  This won't be the place to see photos of my kids playing, or read my short stories.  So hopefully that means you as my audience will get to know this side of my life in a more REAL way.

Thank you for following me, and I hope to hear from you in the comments section every so often!  Have a blessed day,


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