Are your actions aligned with your goals?

Thoughtful Questions for the day:

How much do you spend on your health?  Let's give some parameters.

Gym memberships
At home fitness programs
Organic foods
Farmers markets
Fitness clothes and shoes
Nutrition supplements

For some, a LOT.  For others, maybe not much at all.

How much do you spend on your entertainment?

Shopping with no real purpose

Again, some spend a lot, some not so much.

And how often do you go out to eat or grab something at a coffee shop?

Every day
A few times a week
A few times a month
Very rarely

Maybe it's time to take a serious look at WHERE you spend your money, and see if those actions are actually in line with your goals.  If you want to have some more fun in your life, you may need to splurge on a family vacation.  If you need to lose weight, maybe that money needs to be shifted to an at home workout program or some investment in your nutrition.

I help a lot of people shift their focus toward aligning their actions with their goals.  I remember the grumble... promising myself I would give up Chick fil a and Starbucks for 30 days while I gave my new healthy lifestyle and workout plan an honest shot.  I knew I needed to make a change both for my health and to save money!  Taking my kids out to eat every day or stopping through Starbucks for a daily latte was costing me so much more than I knew...  And that was the BEST decision I made for myself.  Now I can go out to eat occasionally or even head to Starbucks once a week with the intent that I will drink my black coffee while I work, and I don't feel guilty because I've EARNED it.  I worked hard to give myself that privilege back here and there.

I'm not posting this for any other reason than just hoping to spark something in you to look at what you're DOING and make sure it's leading you to where you want to BE  :).  

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