Challenge yourself to Change your life April 20

****EDIT:  This group is obviously over, but please feel free to contact me regarding my next accountability group****

It's time for my next fitness group to start!  I LOVE these groups.  They're my favorite part of being a Coach, and of course they are the part I do for free.  It's true, the groups are free!  Participants DO have to purchase a fitness program and Shakeology Challenge Pack.  But with that purchase they get access to any and all of my groups, as well as one on one messaging or emails if that's the preference.  Not every coach hosts groups, but I feel like it's the least I can do for my clients to get them the results they're looking for.

So anyway, my next group starts MONDAY!  This particular group is all mixed, meaning participants have different programs of their choice but will all come to the group together and keep each other motivated and on track for one week of preparation (getting your nutrition worked out and setting a workout schedule) and then three weeks of hard work.  I prefer short 4 week groups because they give amazing results but don't last long enough for people to drop out or get bored. People love small actionable goals, CRUSHING those goals, and then moving on to new bigger goals.  This gives them that, and then they can move on to my graduates group or join another specialized group when one comes up the next month.

Do you think you're ready?

If you have fitness goals, find me at or join my email list and let's chat about them!  I want to see you succeed, and your best chance is with accountability.  When you have someone to go to for motivation when it gets rough and support when you have questions, you'll stay with it longer, try harder and blast through that burnout period.  

And of course, since this is my birthday month, I have some awesome specials :).  I love giving back to my customers when I'm able, so this month you can choose from one of the extras in the photo and I'll send it to you once you've ordered your program and Shakeology pack.  These are just a few of my favorite extras to keep you going.

Drop me a message when you're ready and we'll chat about your goals.  Or if you want me to contact you, please "apply" for this group at (make sure you answer all the questions, including your name and email) and I will get back to you ASAP.

If you do miss the deadline for this group, you're in luck ;).  I'm not going anywhere.  I host groups monthly, and will host special groups on your time if you can gather a few friends to join with you.  There's a program, a Shakeology flavor, a nutrition plan and a workout schedule for EVERYONE. 

Make this your best month and Challenge yourself to Change your life <3 

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