I love my job, and I want to share with you!

Wellness Coach: Who would have thought that this title would be more exciting to me than "Manager" or "Staff Writer"??
I love my job so much, because I have the freedom to work from my home (or Starbucks... let's be honest), doing what I love--helping others! I haven't been this fit and healthy in YEARS and I get paid to share about it. And best of all (for this introvert), NO PARTIES, no inventory to carry, and no sales quotas.
I signed up for FREE with the military waiver (and also pay no fees per month with that as well) and get a discount on everything I purchase, and commission on everything I sell. My work changes lives and helps people in a very real and visible way. And I LOVE sharing the opportunity with others to help them get started working from home too!
I'm starting on WEDNESDAY, with a free no-obligation 3 day private FB group. I'll answer some of my most asked questions, share my personal story and talk about how YOU can get started as a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody.
Create your own path! You don't have to have experience, or be at your own goal weight, or even be amazing at selling and sharing on social media. I'll go over all this and more in our group. All you have to do NOW is fill out this contact form or find my post on fb.com/shannonambrosonCOACH and comment "I'm IN"!!
Knockout Coaching Opportunity Form

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