My Faith is bigger than my Fear

I'm taking part in a huge training with over 3,000 other coaches.  It's one of those big scary things I wasn't sure I could handle.  I'm BUSY!  I'm a mom, I'm a wife, I'm the homemaker and the errand runner and my daughter's speech and hearing advocate.  10 WEEKS of training to build my business.  We had a webinar tonight and I had the toughest time getting into it.  The tech was bad on their side, then MY internet was spotty.  Finally they got it working but the timing was all wrong for me.  But I signed up, so I showed up.  And OMG my perspectives have shifted so much just from one hour of listening to leaders in my field talk about how to grow as a person to grow as a business.

I know I'll post a lot over the next few weeks about growing a vision, getting organized, making sacrifices and really building a life you can be proud of.  So I hope you'll tune in and share with me as I post.

Here's my MAJOR takeaway from tonight.  I have goals.  I have a "why", a reason for working this business.  It's pretty clear: I want to be available for my family's needs as we grow.  I want to afford vacations, and be able to move wherever we want to, and send my kids to great schools and have the flexibility to be there for them no matter what.  But here's the piece that was missing: "the why that makes me cry".  I create goals, but not a vision.

I started thinking about what I wanted that life--the "success"--to look like, how I wanted to FEEL.  I started imagining sending my hearing impaired daughter to the best schools with kids who are just like her, and being able to pay for it all without loans or debt.  I had a vision of vacations to Norway or England or Florida or Iowa, where no matter how far we wanted to go or how difficult the travel seems, we would be in it together as a family, and we'd have the time and flexibility to go.  And of course vacations away from the kids, how it would feel to get to know my husband again, just the two of us!  Being able to give money to the charities we love, teaching my kids how to be healthy and empathetic and giving... these are all things I WANT for my family.

This vision literally made me cry.  I have felt guilty for wanting financial freedom, because I thought we already had it.  Our lives are very comfortable; my husband's job affords us an amazing little American dream.  But it's ok to want more.  And it's absolutely attainable!  I'm willing to put in the time in order to see that VISION of my future come true.

But it won't be easy!  I was asked tonight to craft my vision (which I shared a bit with you), and to think of three things I can sacrifice or give up for the next 10 weeks until I earn them back with hard work.  This one is HARD for me, because I'm a stay at home mom... haven't I already given everything up?  ;)  So I dug deep.  The first is pretty easy to identify (but the most difficult to employ)... television.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Can I seriously give up Scandal for 10 weeks??  I'm going to give it a shot!

Things I'm willing to give up in order to succeed in this group and in my business:
1.  TV.  There are plenty of other things that need done.
2.  Chatting on my phone.  I spend a LOT of hours a day (one minute at a time) chatting with my friends.  I need these people--they are my coworkers and my besties.  But a quick checkin is all we really need.  So I'll put my phone down.  Sticking to business hours and being available for clients and letting go of unnecessary chats.
3.  Lounging.  Lately I've spent a lot of time lounging... sometimes it's the TV and chatting that keeps me glued to the couch.  Sometimes I'm just too tired.  So no more lounging.  Instead, more doing.  Getting outside with my kids, cleaning the house, sticking to my schedule.  These are approved tasks ;).  Lounging and staring at my computer, not so much.  You'll see me online of COURSE.  But no more Trivia Crack and SnapChat.

This is my promise to my Vision.

Do you have a carefully crafted VISION?  Is it so real in your mind that it makes you want to cry?  Share it with me!  Let's chat about it!  In an official business capacity, of course... ;)

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