Sausage and Peppers

When you're on your 6th month of 21 Day Fix meals, you start to get creative.  I've never had chicken sausage.  Maybe that's weird, maybe not.  But I figured I should most definitely try it, and find a way to mix it into my program.

While sausage isn't the "best" meat for your Fix mealplan (lean poultry and fish are best), go for it every once in a while to give your palette something different.

I sliced chicken sausage links and cooked them with a bit of coconut oil in a pan until they were heated through.  I sliced mini bell peppers and added them in at the end to soften them up a bit.  And put them over a bed of romaine leaves.  Hot sauce would have been excellent on top!

Container count:

Red (sausage)
Green (peppers)
Green (lettuce)
Tsp (coconut oil)

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