21 Day Fix Meal Planning: Paleo Style

I have three weeks until I leave for a pretty major vacation with thousands of very fit and very nutrition conscious people.  I am SO excited about it!!  But that gives me a perfect 21 days to get my diet ON POINT so I look as amazing as I can and have the ENERGY I need to keep up with group workouts, lots of walking and long days of learning and playing with some of my favorite trainers and coaches :).

I'm a 21 Day Fix guru.  I've done the program full out a handful of times, and I've followed a slack version of the meal plan since September.  It's how I meal plan for my family, and how I maintain my weight (along with Shakeology, exercise and plenty of water).

But this time I need an extra boost, so I'm doing a full out paleo round of the 21 Day Fix.  I immediately scoured the internet, looking for others' blogs and meal plans to help me get started, because I've done paleo, and I've done the Fix, but never together in a strict manner.

And guess what?  It's a bit tricky!!  The paleo belief system is very clear on grains and legumes, dairy, and processed foods.  I'm all about letting go of my favorite foods for a while because I have a clear cut goal and won't let anything get in the way of that.

But seriously, ya'll, what in the world do my Paleo Fixers eat for the YELLOWS??  Sweet potatoes and almond milk? ;)

So here's what I have decided to live with, based on the rules for both plans:

--3 times a week I can swap a yellow for almond milk, which I'll use in my Shakeology.
--I will continue drinking Shakeology, even though it's not "exactly" Paleo (pea and quinoa proteins aside, there are more benefits for the shake that I just won't give up).
--The other 4 days a week I will swap a yellow for a purple.  A carb from fruit isn't the same as a carb from grains, but my body needs the energy and an extra green just doesn't cut it for me.

Other than those few "concessions" I will adhere to the rules as they are written :).

Tomorrow is my Day 1, and I'm ready to go!!

My Week 1 Meal Plan and Grocery List.

If you want to follow along, I'll post my meals, workouts, struggles and celebrations on the daily!  Who else is doing this program?  If you purchase it HERE you can make me your free coach!

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