21 Day Fix Paleo: Day 8 and Day 9 (the vacation days)

21 Day Fix Paleo: Day 8 and Day 9 (the vacation days)

Day 8 went really well until we got to the hotel and there weren't a lot of options in the restaurant.  I was left with the choice of a boring salad, gross warming tray veggies, or spending money on a full meal only to throw everything but the hamburger patty away.  I panicked, and instead of asking the waitress to help me work out a meal option, I ordered the fish tacos with rice and beans.  It wasn't the worst option except I definitely went over my yellow count by one and blew my paleo plan.  Still, I was extremely proud of myself for eating a good breakfast before we left, taking snacks and lunch and eating my packed lunch (Shakeology, berries and coconut) in Burger King while my family ate their disgusting but delicious hamburgers and chicken nuggets with fries.

Still, a cheat's a cheat, so I'm owning mine ;).

The next day was much better!  I did have one more paleo cheat at breakfast though.  I had oatmeal with my eggs and bacon, because I really wanted to be full and resist the gas station treats I knew I'd be faced with.  Because I wasn't extremely hungry I chose nuts instead of chocolate and then a chicken and veggie salad for lunch, which I took home to eat as part of my dinner.

Day 9 also included 2 workouts, since I'd skipped the day before.  Total Body Cardio Fix and Upper Fix.  It was a crazy day!  Overall I think I did pretty well, but I'm still a bit disappointed in myself for the paleo cheats!!

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