Who loves dance workouts??
I grew up dancing--ballet, jazz, tap, cheerleading, dance team, whatever. I did it. TurboKick and Zumba classes in the gym, rocking out to music when I'm cleaning. I. Love. It.
But when I heard Shaun T was coming out with a DANCE WORKOUT, I was nooooooot so sure about it. He does hardcore athletic stuff... can he hold our attention with DANCE?? Will it actually work me out??
But YA'LL, I'm not even kidding you, when I did the live workout with that man he took us to church and made us believers!! It was so much FUN, and I was sweating and smiling the whole time!! I bought the workout and can't WAIT to start the program!!
Do you want to do this with me?? I have a TEST GROUP starting August 3 and I would LOVE to have an awesome fun group to join me!!
What in the world does that mean?  OK, well, this format was just released as an at home DVD workout.  Ya'll can booty shake and sweat in the comfort of your own home, which for some of you is a heck of a lot more comfortable.  But we still want to have FUN, right??  So I put together a support group of sorts so we can check in, post photos and videos and chat about our workouts and eating habits and celebrate when we lose weight or fit into our favorite pair of jeans.
You do better with accountability and have more fun with a group.  
We start Aug 3.  Are you ready to Cize it up??  Message me at or email and I'll help you get your pack ordered and into the group so you can start forming your game plan.  I haven't been this excited about a program release for a while :).  Can't wait to start this with ya'll!!

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