Are you a #momboss?

Some goals sound insane. They put a pit in your stomach and make you shake. With a smile on your face. Because you're a BOSS.
When I became a Wellness Coach a year ago I told myself one thing over and over: Keep Learning! I wanted to be able to work from home, to see my kids all day, take them to preschool and appointments and playdates and just be all in. I knew it would take time, consistent effort and a lot of heart. Thankfully, I had a team of other Coaches to help me learn, grow, develop and become the kind of person who was READY to help others! I kept learning. I kept helping.

This month I am committing to something that might sound crazy. I want to triple the size of my personal team. I want us ALL to succeed as a FAMILY, an amazing group of women destined for greatness as entrepreneurs and advocates for health. It won't always be easy, but it'll be crazy fun and we'll all be in it together, learning how to continue to grow as a team.
Have you ever thought about being a ‪#‎MOMBOSS‬? Do me a favor and click LIKE if you've thought about working from home and would love an invite to my next Coaching Sneak Peek. Then send me a quick PM and tell me "I want to be a MOMBOSS"! Let's help each other reach some big crazy goals!

PS look at this group of people!  We are all shapes and sizes, some pregnant, some at their fitness goals, some just starting to work toward their fitness goals, some brand new coaches and some who have been doing this for years.  This isn't even close to our entire team, but we gathered together as many as we could at our national Coach Summit this year and broke into large and small groups to chat about our jobs, our personal lives and what we can learn from each other to help us with our own businesses moving forward.  I am so thankful for this team and that I took the chance and went to Summit, even though it was the "difficult" thing to do (I have a family and a budget, just like everyone else!).  I want our photo next year to be so big we need a crane to photograph us all ;).  I want to see a photo like this with MY personally sponsored team surrounding me, rockstars in their own right.  We can absolutely do this.  There's no special secret to success.  It's consistency, personal growth, believing in yourself and your business, and sharing with the team (and in turn allowing the team to share with you).  Who in the world wouldn't want this??  <3

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