ChaLEAN Extreme Day 1

Today was day 1.

I did ChaLEAN Extreme before as a hybrid with TurboFire and I loved it but always wondered what would happen if I made it my focus!

I researched the meal plan and really wanted to use it. I love the idea of picking from the list of meals and adding in meals as you progress... but I can't do calorie counting. That would leave me to guess at the portions, which I'm also not great at.

SO... I decided to adapt my 21 Day Fix plan. The containers have worked really well for me for the past year.

I calculated my calorie level with the CLX program and I should be around 1300 a day.  I decided to take the 1200 plan and add a bit based on what the meals in the CLX plan offered. I'm giving myself some leeway for the first week while I find my groove, because I also teach PiYo twice a week.

Here's what I'm starting with:
4 Red
3-4 Green
1-2 Purple
1-2 Yellow
1-2 Blue
1 Orange
2-3 Tsp

On the days I do my classes, I'll give myself an extra green and blue. On the days I don't do anything (rest days), I'll take away a Yellow and/or a Purple. It'll add up to between 1300 and 1500 calories most days, which should be enough for the Burn Phase. I'll recalculate for the Push and Lean phases.
Burn Circuit 1 today felt easy, which means I need heavier weights. I started with 8 lbs to make sure I was being safe. I was using considerably heavier weights last time but it had been a while so I really had no idea what to start with!  8's felt good but I know I could do more ;). We'll see how tomorrow goes with Burn Circuit 2 and PiYo!

I'm doing the full 90 days with this. I'm really excited to see how my body changes and see if I can kick this nasty sugar habit I fell back into. .. yes, even coaches fall. Haha. We just always get back up!

I'm doing CLX totally on Beachbody on Demand (BOD). My phone isn't letting me cast it to my tv with Chromecast... but I used my hubby's tablet today and it worked really well!

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