Shaketember Event

This September is all about getting healthier, losing weight and having FUN! Join us to find out how you can join our September group centered on Shakeology, a nutritious superfood meal replacement, and shaking your booty with dance inspired workouts! We'll go over all the details during this Event leading up to the opening of the Group, so please click JOIN to get all the info!
What is Shakeology?  We'll talk about it during the event leading up to the start of our group, but here's a short video from Tony Horton and his comedic sylings that I just love:  

We'll choose from a variety of AMAZING dance-inspired workout programs.  Shaketember isn't just about replacing a meal with a nutrition shake.  It's about SHAKING YOUR BOOTY!  Workouts don't have to be long and boring.  They can be super fun and make you feel like you're not working out at all!  During this Event we'll talk about so many options for you.  The new Shaun T CIZE dance workout is just one option, and also on sale through the end of August ;).
If you're interested in joining the event just click this link and click JOIN.  While you're on Facebook, Like my page HERE.  

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