Biggest Loser Online Fitness Challenge

It's time for a bit of friendly competition.  We're coming up on the holidays, which is always the HARDEST point in the year to maintain or lose weight.  Why not get a head start and possibly earn some money back in the process?


These are always some of my favorite groups because they're so much fun!  Participation is high, motivation is flowing and results are always as big as the prizes.  There's something about working with a partner that just makes you want to work that much harder, because it's not just your goals but your partner's too--you'll HAVE to push each other to get past the difficult moments, but you'll GET to revel in the success at the end!

Here are the nitty gritty details.

You work in a team of two, so you'll need a partner.  A spouse, a great friend, a coworker or even a random acquaintance will work--just find someone who's in it to win it and make sure you're both signed up.

Go to to apply.  It's nice for me to have a bit of initial information so I may contact you to discuss your plan and nutrition options.

Once we discuss your specific situation and create a plan, you'll order your fitness/nutrition pack and I'll get you into our private FB group.  I'll personally put up $25 to the winner's prize pot for each person who commits and joins our challenge, so the more people who join the more money you can win!

The group consists of one week of "prep" which will help you form your meal plan and workout schedule and learn all about clean eating and goal setting.  Then we'll have 4 weeks of work before our final weigh-in.  The team with the biggest percentage weightloss will win!  There will also be a second place and a sportmanship award for the team who participates the most during the group and motivates the participants to keep going each day.

And we end right before Thanksgiving, so you won't have to worry about sabotaging your weigh-in with a large carb-loaded meal ;).  This year, you'll set yourself up and lose the weight and develop better habits BEFORE the crazy days come.

Are you ready??

Here's the link again to apply:

You may also contact me directly at or via Facebook at

You've got goals.  Let's stop talking about it and reach them!

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