ChaLEAN Extreme Day 2

Ok so after I finished my photo collage I got starved and ate some yogurt and granola... turns out I did need that extra carb afterall. But today went pretty well!
I stuck with my 8 lb weights... probably could have gone heavier but I really want to minimize injury this week and max on form so I'm good with it! Between CLX and PiYo today I was (and still am) feeling it!!
Breakfast was eggs scrambled with peppers and tomatoes. Shakeology had to be straight up shaken today. I wasn't home all morning and I was so hungry and so thankful I keep packets in my bag. Lunch was a burger with lettuce leaf bun with avocado and cheese. Afternoon snack was a coconut latte. Dinner was fish, green beans and mangoes. And then of course my snack tonight.
The workout today felt like it was sooooo slow. I kept wanting to hurry it up. But I'm glad I took my time with it! My arms are already feeling stronger after just two days back into the weights game. We worked a lot of back muscles though so I'm a bit sore.
Tomorrow is Burn Intervals and Abs. I need it--my core is not where I want it to be!
I'm once again so much hungrier with this program. It'll be a challenge to stay on track. I'll need to build in a night snack so I don't mess up ;).  Let this serve as some pointers for ya'll who decide to do this program.  You will get hungry because your metabolism speeds up when you workout with weights!!
Onto the next. See ya tomorrow <3

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