My First 3 Months As A Coach: How You Can Do It Too

Hello to my lovely Wellness Tribe!

Listen, I have some reality to share with you.

I'm not a salesman.  I STINK at sales.  And guess what else?  Before starting my own business as a Wellness Coach, I had ZERO fitness background--I'm not a personal trainer and I only recently became a fitness instructor?

Yeah, so what the heck makes me qualified to tell YOU how to reach your fitness and weightloss goals??


And yet, here I am ;).

I know, best pitch EVER, right?  Here's why I'm admitting all this to you.  I came into this job with two things:  a want to better myself, and a want to help others do the same.  I had a friend promise to help me get started, and keep me motivated when things got tough, both in my own journey and in my business.  I started with my PiYo and Shakeology starter pack and a plan:  work out 6 days a week, eat clean, drink a shake as a meal replacement every morning (breakfast was my hardest meal of the day to figure out so I chose to replace that with my healthiest meal of the day), drink more water, and stay motivated by helping others.

I talk about my first 10lbs lost with PiYo, and my second 10lbs lost with additional programs like 21 Day Fix and TurboFire, and how I found my strength, got back my flexibility, gained confidence in myself as a stay at home mom and military wife, and how I learned to love myself again.  That's the easy stuff to talk about because I LOVE talking about how much this process has changed my life physically and emotionally.  I'm a BETTER PERSON than I was two years ago.

What's harder for me to talk about is the BUSINESS!  I'm not a salesman!  I hate telling people what I make, or how much I work, or what my long term goal is.  But after awhile, it starts making me feel like I'm hiding it, and then I wonder if I'm ashamed of it.  I work at home, have a job I LOVE, and am able to be there for my kids every single time they need me.  Why in the world should I feel ashamed of that??

So I would like to share a bit about my first few months as a coach.  I started my business at the end of June.  I got my first paycheck the first week in July and I think it was right around $20.  I formed an online fitness challenge, grabbed some friends looking to drop some weight, and worked right along side them.  And did this again.  And again.  And at my 3 month mark, my business looked like this:

1.  I had dropped 20lbs. and felt amazing, and shared this journey every step of the way
2.  I had earned $700 total for that time period, which allowed me to pay for my Shakeology, add a second order for my kids and hubby, and start going to Starbucks again (LOL)
3.  I had rank advanced, meaning I was building a team
4.  I had earned Success Club (meaning I was helping 3 people get started with the best tools each month, which the company rewards me for) all 3 months
5.  Because I earned Success Club my first 3 months I earned Success Starters, which allowed me to go to the big Coach Summit in Nashville for FREE (just had to pay my travel and room/board)
6.  I became a lifer, knowing I'd see this through, and made myself a promise to "be here in a year"

Even if you don't understand the lingo, and how to build and grow a team and client list, you can see that I hit the ground running.  I wanted to make my first 3 months count, and I did!  I've done well the other months too--doubling my income and my team and earning more prizes and becoming certified to teach PiYo, etc. etc.  But I'm focusing on the first 3 months because that is the time that it takes for a new coach to really feel at ease with the job.

You're starting your own business--it can't be done overnight.  BUT, I can certainly give you better tools than even I had when I started, to make sure you're on the right track from day 1.  You'll need patience, and persistence, and thick skin.  People won't always understand your journey, and your commitment, and that can be difficult sometimes.  But there are people out there who need you and it's your job to find them and help them out of their rut.  You won't be everyone's cup of tea, but that's ok--you don't need to be!

So if you're wondering what you could accomplish in 3 months, and you're ready to work hard, I am definitely ready to invest my time on helping you reach whatever goals you want to set!  You don't need to do this alone--I've got your back!

What do you think?  Are you ready to make some extra money for the holidays, and get people on board before the big January Health Rush? :)  Contact me and let's get you signed up on my team!  We can work together to crush this obesity problem, make some money and have fun together as a team!  Everyone wins here ;).

Here's how to get started:
Fill out this application form:
Contact me when it's done:
I'll give you instructions on how to sign up on our team and schedule your first phone call with me!

I can't wait to talk to you and find out how becoming a health coach could change your life!  Thanks for trusting me with your journey.  Let's SHINE!

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