Strength and Flexibility: PiYo

It's no surprise PiYo is my favorite workout.  I've posted about it numerous times!  It literally took me from a broken girl to a strong woman.  I was unable to do a lot of workouts because my knees were so bad and my back ached from most of the high impact programs I'd tried.  Even running was hurtful to my body.  The combination of pilates and yoga with bodyweight strength training was exactly what I needed.  I lost the weight, and inches, and gained so much more that I don't always talk about.  When you join an accountability group with others working toward your same goals, suddenly there's this magical place where you're free to post about your struggles and share your victories, and the others in the group CARE!  They motivate you, and help you reach your goals and you do the same for them.  I LOVE these groups, which is why I keep hosting them.  I could sell you a program and move on, letting you figure it out yourself.  But I believe it makes a huge difference--I see the difference every month with my challengers :)

Would you like to be a part of the magic?  You don't need to join a gym, or pay a personal trainer. For a fabulous price you get EVERYTHING you need--a program you keep forever, unlimited access to my groups and meal planning documents and training, nutrition with a superfood shake and guidebook, motivation from your coach.  The value on this is crazy, in my opinion.  You could pay me $40/mo for two live PiYo workouts a week, with no extra nutrition or outside support but plenty of motivation, or you could pay $130/mo for six days a week of working out on your own time, 7 days a week of a meal replacement shake that will trim your body and make you feel energized and healthy, and a personal coach who's available online daily to help you with your questions.  If you're an Active Duty military member or spouse, you can actually pay about 25% less with the discount.

I know it's not "traditional" to throw out numbers and prices.  I'm supposed to talk to you first, get you excited about the program and the group and then hit you up with the cost.  But seriously, friends, let's cut to the chase.  This month the PiYo and Shakeology pack is $140, and includes everything I just talked about above.  But I really want you to become a PiYo Believer ;)..  If you purchase this package, I will actually give you back $10 (of my own commission) for you to essentially get the program for FREE.  It's already discounted to $10, but who care, free is better, right?

Are you ready?  Let's do this.  Together.  Message me right now, while you're thinking about it, and we'll just talk about your goals and formulate a plan.  There's absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out.  If you hate it, there's a money back guarantee--yes, you can return it for your full purchase price back.  I know you won't need it, but it's nice to know there are no strings, right?  Don't wait until the new year, or the next whatever...  Start NOW so you can feel better NOW.  Your body will thank you ;).

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