How I Became a Better Version of Me

After I had my second daughter I went through a bit of a slump, as I'm sure a lot of moms with multiple kids do.  I put myself on the back burner and spent all my time and energy taking care of my two girls (who were a lot of work, being 14 months apart) during a deployment.

I fell into a trap of always giving all my energy away and never reminding myself to take care of myself too, so of course I fell back into depression, yoyo'd in my weight and developed some seriously bad eating habits.  I was a mess.

Eventually, after another move, and going through some painful health issues, I had had enough!  My dvd workouts weren't holding my attention, my knees ached too bad to run, and I was eating all the wrong things, thinking words like "diet" and "light" and "sugar free" were the best option.

And then I made a decision to stop the freaking excuses and go all in.  I became a Beachbody Coach, ordered a PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack and decided I'd lose the babyweight and learn how to eat better as I helped my friends do the same thing.  I tend to be the kind of person who doesn't do something unless I own it.  I won't join a group unless I'm an integral part of the Board, or a member of the inner circle.  I won't just work a job, I'll become the manager.  If I don't keep myself accountable and hold myself at that higher standard, I'll fail.  Every time.

It worked!  I lost 20 lbs, my swollen and aching knees went back to normal, I was strong enough to do my workouts every day and my body just felt SO MUCH BETTER.  I was still me, but I was a better version of myself.  I was a happier version.  My depression got better, my clothes fit better, I had more energy and I involved my kids in my healthier lifestyle--we went to the park more, we picked out fruits and veggies together, even did workouts together.

During all this, I also paid for my initial investment and my ongoing shipments of my superfood shake and extra fitness programs, and added to our family's income each month just by sharing my story and helping others see the value in allowing themselves to make a change!

All this because I decided that I deserved more and I took a chance on myself and my coaching team.

Are you ready for more?  Can you see yourself getting into the best shape of your life, become healthier than you've ever been, and making an income primarily using social media?

Go to and fill out the assessment form.  From there we'll set up a time to chat and see if you're ready for my November New Coach Mentorship!  I will show you how to build and sustain your business using your laptop and smart phone, working from home or a coffee shop or on vacation with your family.  I'll show you how to build a team and start earning residual income.  I'll help keep you motivated and teach you how to run your own accountability groups and share your story with others, so you can truly make a difference.

I have 3 spots in my November Mentorship.  If you'd like to claim one, and give this Coaching thing a shot, let's get started!!

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