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I am opening up an Apprenticeship in November for TWO women who possess the desire to work from home and make a true difference for their family and for the clients they help.

This Apprenticeship is different than my regular new coach training, which is why I can only accept two into the program!  When you're chosen, you can expect:

>>  21 days of training, learning how to share your story on social media, inspire others and connect your clients to their goals using the best tools possible

>>  21 days of your own health and fitness journey, where you'll start and finish a program, get your own results to share and really learn how the process works from the inside out

>>  Your first Personal Development book sent as my gift, which will help unclutter your mind and focus on bettering yourself

>>  Weekly calls and one on one mentoring as you learn how to build your business

You will start your business out strong because you're willing to put in your time and energy.  You don't have to have ever used Beachbody products, or be at your goal weight, and you don't have to have a strong knowledge of social media and story telling.  You just need to have a passion for helping others, and promise to be teachable and willing to step a bit outside your comfort zone to become stronger and more confident in your actions.

Please fill out this application:

From there we will chat and find out if you're a good fit for this Apprenticeship (or if you're better suited for the traditional coach training or discount only option).  Once we chat we can get you signed up and on your way to inspiring others with YOUR story and earning money from home using your laptop and smartphone as tools of your trade.  Please contact me with any questions or to give me a heads up to expect your application.

"Be the Light"
--Matthew 5:14

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