What is a challenge group?

What is a challenge group?

I am a Wellness Coach, and part of what I do is host challenge groups--or accountability groups--to help my clients get through their programs with as much ease as possible.  So what happens in these groups?

I open the group with a Prep Week, where I share some awesome information about nutrition, meal planning, goal setting, time management--all the things my challengers need to really get ready for the next 21 days and beyond.  Introductions, rules, intentions, specifics for the groups, it's all laid out during that first week.

Then comes the fun.  The next 21 days are all about daily checkins for accountability, daily assignments for motivation and sharing recipes and tips, sharing success and really pushing ourselves to reach the goals we set during Prep Week.  Challengers do their workouts on their own, and no one forces them to eat well, so the group really gives an extra level of support; when you know you're going to check in when it gets tough and share when you mess up, your level of intensity tends to raise and you really want to do well, for yourself and for the group.

With discipline, support and the right tools (a program, nutrition and a coach), you'll reach those goals and accomplish so much more than you thought.

These groups aren't about physical weightloss.  Sure, that's a biproduct and a darn good one.  But they're more about emotional growth, and realizing that you can do what you set out to do.  And you can have fun while you do it!

If you're interested in finding out how to join a group, or how to become a coach and host your own, please send me a message at shannonambroson@gmail.com re: challenge groups.  If you've been going at your weightloss alone, or if you've tried a Beachbody program and just couldn't stick with it, let me know.  We'll chat about it and figure out how to make it work this time, because this time you're ready.  <3

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