November Health Challenge

What's my "secret"?
I'll share--it's actually pretty simple.
>>30 min workouts
>>Shakeology nutrition shake
>>personal betterment
Every. Single. Day.
These 3 steps help me feel better about myself, and also make me healthier, inside and out.
Mental health.
That mixed with the emotional help of my team, my family and my friends helps me stay grounded to what's really important. It's no more complex than that, friends, I promise.

Could you use some help?  A bit of a "life hack" for all aspects of yourself?
November is your month, because I hear you and I have a solution!  It may not be the easiest route but it'll be a road you're proud to walk and one you may even wish to share with others once you walk it.
My November 16 Challenge is an all encompassing group focusing on those three pillars, fitness, nutrition and personal growth.  The group will last 4 weeks total and will set you up for success if you're willing to take it the rest of the way and use the tools you'll be given to seriously act.
You'll get:
>>  30 minute workouts
>>  Portion control containers and meal plan guidebook
>>  Nutrition in the form of a superfood meal replacement shake
>>  Make Today Count by John Maxwell, which we'll read together as a group and discuss
>>  An accountability group via Facebook with me as your coach and other participants to keep you motivated
>>  Another small gift for completing the Challenge
>>  Access to meal planning ideas, bonus online workouts

You can do this.  YOU.  But you might just need a little help from your Coach :).  Let me help you get started, BEFORE the holidays, DURING the holidays, so you can start the new year ahead of where you were last year.
Contact me via Facebook or Email for a one-on-one consultation to figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how we can get you there.  
Are you ready?  I'm only accepting 5 people into this group (new clients or new coaches) so we can really work closely together for the entire 4 week duration.  Claim your spot by September 15!

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