Will you use the "inbetween holiday time" to your advantage?

Make each day count this holiday season! My November Holiday Health online fit group starts Nov 23, and will begin with a full week of pre-season prep, allowing you to learn all the info, and grab a quick Thanksgiving cheat sheet to get you through the day but without having to worry about being "on plan" until Monday after the big Turkey Day.
This group will be a bit different than my normal groups. With the acceptance into the group and the purchase of your pack I will send you a short book that we'll read together as a group during our time together. No daily assignments or busy work, just results:
Self improvement
Nutrition comes in the form of a superfood shake to replace one meal a day and portion control containers to help you eat according to your macros in alignment with your weightloss goals.
Fitness comes in 30 minute DVD (or streamed online) workouts that use light handweights, a yoga mat and your body, including lots of modifications for you to follow if necessary.
Self improvement comes from learning how to manage your time, set goals, believe in yourself, reach goals and get through a full program and book with the help and support of a group of like minded and similarly goaled people
It's time we focus on the root cause of our weight, & our stress and learn to trust ourselves to reach the goals we set, especially in the midst of the holidays! We've got this!
This group will certainly full up quickly this month, so please fill out this quick "get started" application and I'll contact you regarding your spot in the group and details on ordering!

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