Hammer and Chisel Week 2

I finished Day 14 of Hammer & Chisel today, so it's time for my weekly checkin!

I am SORE this week!

I stopped taking my nighttime recovery supplement because I was having some issues with bloating, and my intolerance to soy (a major ingredient in the supplement) meant it was probably the supplement.  I'm not usually one to take them, and definitely not one to use or recommend the use of soy... but seriously ya'll, I'm willing to put up with the bloat because it's that good.  Recharge works while you're sleeping and I noticed two things about it:  1. it helps me sleep better, and 2. I wake up without the soreness.  The 5 days in a row I didn't drink it before bed I was restless and woke up achy.  I'll check in about it again next week and see how I feel.

I'm now able to do pushups on my toes, and am able to lift heavier, squat lower, jump higher and last through the whole workout without having much trouble.  This program is LEGIT.  Here's my week:

Equipment used:
mat, band, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb weights

Equipment used:
mat, stability ball, band, 15lb weights

Equipment used:
mat (nothing else!)
Equipment used:
mat, band, 5lb, 10lb, 15lb weights

Equipment used:
mat, 10lb and 15lb weights

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