Hammer & Chisel Week 3

It's the end of Week 3!

This week was about switching up my meal planning a bit, giving my body a chance to recover properly!  I upped my calorie level and cut out all "cheats" to give this program a full shot.  I'll do the same for Week 4 and hopefully have some great mid-way stats to share!

Total Body Hammer

Equipment used:  mat, stability ball, band, 10lb and 15lb weights
Chisel Agility

Equipment used: mat
Max Hammer Strength + 10min Abs Hammer

Equipment used:  mat, band, 15lb weights
Total Body Chisel

Equipment used:  stability ball, mat, 10lb and 15lb weights
Hammer Plyo

Equipment used:  mat, band, 10lb weight
ISO Strength Chisel

Equipment used:  mat, band, 8lb, 10lb and 15lb weights

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