Shakeology Spotlight: What's in your supplements?

Do you take supplements?  Maybe a daily multivitamin or a pre- or post- workout drink?  Protein shakes, juices, pills, powders... there are so many choices out there!!  How in the world do you know which supplements you're supposed to take, and how can you get all those superfoods into your diet every single day without eating all day and spending a ton of money on fancy ingredients?

I don't know YOUR answer, but MY answer is pretty simple ;).  I drink Shakeology every day.  It's a powdered supplement I shake with water or blend with ice and it gives me all the nutrients, enzymes and superfoods you see in the graphic above, plus protein and only 20 carbs per serving.

It's replaced my vitamin, replaced my post workout protein smoothie (I used to use whey protein and tons of fruits and veggies), and it's given me energy, helped my digestion, cleared up my skin, and made me feel HEALTHIER inside.  It's not a weight loss shake, meaning there's no weird chemicals or harsh fat burners to worry about.  But because of its nutrient dense properties it can aid your body in weight loss by allowing it to function at its best.

Some people tell me it's expensive.  Sure, you could say that.  But in all honesty, expensive compared to what?  Compared to multivitamin and supplement pills? Compared to health food store ingredients?  Compared to other protein shakes laden with hidden sugar and carbs?

For me the cost is minimal, because of all the benefits I've seen personally.  But don't get me wrong, I was skeptical at first too!  I feel like you should ALWAYS do your research before ingesting any sort of supplement, and if you want some help I'd be glad to send you ingredients lists or samples, or point you to the right resources.  You can start by browsing here.

Want a 25% discount and a 30 day guarantee?  Give me a shout--let's get you started for a month and see how you feel!

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