Wellness Coach: an advocate for loving life

I call myself a Wellness Coach.

I’ve called myself a lot of things during my lifetime… depressed, anxious, anorexic, coffee addict, college graduate, writer, military wife, mom.  I’m proud of every single one of those labels.  Individually they are dull and ordinary but when you blend them together you get ME.  And I’m one of a kind!

But it’s taken me a good number of years to see it that way.  After I had my second daughter, for the first time in my life the weight wouldn’t come off.  I felt frumpy, achy, and didn’t know how to get back to a me I loved.  I knew I didn’t want to slide back into old habits so I let the weight hang out on my body, awkward and unwanted, for over TWO YEARS before finally committing to do something about it.

So naturally I became a Coach!  ;)  OK, hold up.  What?  Did I just skip a step?

Let me explain a bit.  I’m a notorious “starter” but a seldom “finisher.”  I knew in my heart if I bought another at home DVD it’d sit on a pile with the rest of them...  And I couldn’t afford the initial challenge pack without having some sort of skin in the game.  I begged my husband (who kindly told me running is free), cut out Starbucks and Chick-fil-A to save money, and secretly signed up the night after our anniversary.  (I know, how “girl power” of me, right?!)

And it was the best decision I could have made for myself.  I had ZERO interest in working in fitness, HATED home businesses, and was travelling 1000 miles on a 2 week vacation right before moving to a new home in a new city.  But I truly felt that if I was going to make it work I was going to have to start at the hardest and most impossible time, to prove to myself that I wanted it enough to make it happen.

That was June 2014.  I lost 10lbs and 5in initially, more later, and within a few weeks felt stronger in every way.  I started my business and my fitness journey at the same time, not sure what the heck I was doing but knowing it was a path to self improvement, which for me meant a better quality of life for my entire family.

For me, coaching isn’t about being the fittest person you know, or the one with the most friends, or the “best life” on social media.  It’s about being the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF, so that I can be a ray of sunshine in someone else’s life.  It’s about finding my tribe--my group of friends who become Coaches WITH me because they feel the spark inside them too!  It’s about taking advantage of an opportunity to CHANGE and GROW, in a world that wants you to stay the same.

I call myself a Wellness Coach because it’s so much more than fitness DVDs!  I’m a freaking advocate for LOVING LIFE!  And I want to take the whole dang world with me!

**Post taken from a Facebook Coach Opportunity Event. Want more? Click here.**

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