Where are you going?

Do you know where you're going?
I don't mean that literally... but in the "big" sense. Do you know where you want to be in 6 months, or in 3 years?
I'm a military wife, so this concept is both amazingly fun to think about but also super scary and anxiety-inducing. Since I married into this world 10 years ago, we've lived in 8 different houses, in 4 different zip codes, all at least 1000 miles away from my "home". I've held a handful of jobs, made a lot of friends who are now scattered all across the globe, and each of my daughters were born in a different state.
But I always have a sense of what I want my life to look like in the future, even when that future changes so often.
Ever since I had children I decided one thing: I need to put my family's needs in front of my career aspirations. That may sound very 1950s to a lot of you, but when you are married to someone who deploys, leaves for extended periods of time and daily works 12 hours of the day, your ego needs to be checked at the door if you want your family to thrive. My goal is to stay home, so I can be there for my children and take care of the household needs. Working out of the house just doesn't make sense for us, for me.
It's not glamorous! But I know that my personal goal of staying home for my family has to allow me the equally weighted goal of fulfilling my desire to make the world a better place in some way--I need to contribute. I feel extremely grateful I found a job I LOVE that I can work from home, between running errands, washing dishes and getting backpacks ready for school.
I may not know where we'll live this summer, or in 2 years from now, but I know what my life will look like and I know what goals I'm working for in my business and with my family. I map it out! I think about it, plan for it, set myself up for growth.
Do you? Are you in a place of comfort where you'll allow yourself to think about what your life will be like next year? You can't have it all, but with a little give and a lot of growth you will be able to design your life to fit what you want AND need. All you need is a bit of faith and a plan.

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