Knockout Team Call: Blog-o-Knowledge Part 1

Hey ya'll!

I hope you're having a FABULOUS week so far.  I just got done hosting our team's weekly team call and I am super pumped up about it!  My topic was blogs and websites, and let me tell you, I have been around one or 20 of those in my life ;).

Do you remember in the 90s when "blogs" first came about?  They were either labeled as online diaries or online journals...  As soon as I found out there was a space to write online where only strangers would read it, I was hooked.  I know, sounds weird, right??  I purposely would not give the link to anyone I knew, because I loved that I could write what I truly felt in my heart and no one I knew would judge me for it.  I actually made a lot of online friends who were going through the same things I was, and remember, that was BEFORE the creepsters took over the internet ;).

I have deleted so many horrible blogs, created so many new blogs and shared more blog posts of OTHER writers on my social media...  it's always been a love of mine, especially when I couldn't find work with my actual journalism degree!  Some have been "life" themed, some "short stories and writing ideas" themed, others "mommy life" or "healthy life" themed... you just can't keep me from writing, OR from sharing ;).

So when I was asked to host my coaching team's weekly call, I KNEW my topic would be blogging.  If you've found me here and are reading this, I've done my job as a blogger.  And to be able to teach my TEAM how they can connect with their audience in a deeper way that lives longer on the internet (sorry Twitter, your 30 second window closes a bit too fast for me!) is just AMAZING!

I spoke for 40 minutes, presenting and answering questions.  I always say I hate teaching, I could never be a teacher, but in all honesty I LOVE it!  When I actually know what I'm talking about, it's a JOY to share with others.  And when you have an audience that actually wants to hear what you have to say that's even better ;).

What blog resources do you LOVE??  What can I pass onto my team to help them get started?  It's so colaborative, this process we've got going here, and I can't wait to see what everyone starts doing with their own blog projects <3.

Until next time,

Be Well!


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