Monday Motivation

I told myself years ago I was a writer. I'm going to write. I'd buy books on the subject, read other people's blogs and Google freelance writing, I'd dream about my first best seller and I'd start little short stories that would get left for dead two days later. I loved the idea but procrastinated or found excuses why this just wasn't the right time. I just didn't want it. I hope someday I will --it's still on my dream list-- but it's not something I'm willing to prioritize right now.
My health came into play and I found myself at the same ledge. Excuses. Reasons why it wasn't a good time. Obviously something was different about this goal, because I made room for it in my life. I traded excuses for results, and it doesn't even feel like work to keep up with my exercise and healthy eating, because I made that ultimate choice to change. I did it for ME and it feels amazing!
Is there something you've been thinking about for awhile, that nagging dream in your head and heart, wondering why everyone else is succeeding at it while you're just not? Maybe it's time to go all in--make your choice to stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time and just DO IT heart emoticon.
What does that dream look like for you? smile emoticon

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