Transformation Tuesday

So... it turns out there were a LOT of years where I just didn't allow people to take full-body pics of me!  I just did NOT feel comfortable with myself, so I'd hide behind my kids or just get a snapshot of my face or upper body.  I know the world wasn't such a selfie culture back then, but seriously, it's difficult to find photos of me at all!

I found this particular picture and it made me cringe.  No, I was NOT pregnant... my youngest daughter was about to turn 2 at that point, and the bloated mom stomach was still present, because I was still eating poorly and not listening to the way my body was reacting to specific foods.

I was tired of living my life afraid to be in front of the camera.  I was tired of my knees and back aching whenever I picked up my daughter because the weight was too much on my joints.  I was tired of wondering if others noticed the bloated gut, or if they thought I was expecting again.  I was just tired!

Now just a little over 2 years later there has been a significant change!  The only thing I did was eat better and start exercising consistently.  Of course it was hard work.  Of course I wanted to give up at times.  But I pushed through it, and I seriously feel amazing!  My energy level is higher, I'm able to pick up and carry my 40lb children with ease and I just feel better inside.  It started out as weight loss... I wanted that physical transformation!  But as the months went by I somehow changed from a quitter to a doer.  I transformed from a lost girl to one with confidence to help others!

Do you have a transformation story?  I'd love to hear it!  Better yet, I'd love to feature it!  Contact me using the form on the right or find me on Facebook at shannonambrosonCOACH.

Happy #transformationtuesday everyone!  I sincerely hope you're working toward your own before and after <3

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