What Motivates You in Your Career?

When it comes to work and your career, are you motivated by MONEY or by BALANCE AND FREEDOM?
It's an interesting thought, right? I am personally motivated by balance, and freedom to make my own hours and decisions. I've held mostly volunteer and "flexible hour" jobs in my life, and that's because I crave that freedom not to be "owned" by my career. Since graduating college I've had something like 10 different addresses, so it's actually been quite a blessing that this is my motivator!
I have sacrificed larger paychecks, and bigger job titles, to live the way I've chosen (and was chosen for me). Money is absolutely necessary, and I've been fortunate to be married to someone who has a decent and stable paying job. So in my own career, I won't sacrifice what's best for my family and my own mental balance JUST for money.
I prefer to find those areas where I feel challenged and fulfilled and allow the money to follow, rather than start with the money and hope the challenge and fulfillment come along after. Does that make sense? But I'd love to hear from YOU!
What motivates YOU? How does it affect the way you look for jobs? <------- Question of the day :).  Have fun!
smile emoticoHave fun!

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