Hammer and Chisel: The Results

After 8 weeks, I have graduated from Hammer and Chisel!  It was a tough 8 weeks, with lots of soreness, cussing at the screen and motivational talks with my online group ;).  But it was also 8 weeks of determination, growth and change!

Seeing my journey like this, with every workout all in one graphic, is amazing!

I didn't skip a single day--I can't usually say that with a program.  There's usually some holiday or vacation or a day I'm too sore... SOMETHING.  But this time everything aligned and I was able to stay in the game every single day.

I started out with 5lb and 10lb weights, and quickly added 15lb weights.  Should have added 20s on top of that, but I stuck with my 15s and added a few extra reps when I could.

I did the whole thing without a pullup bar and bench, using a resistance band and stability ball instead.  The modifications definitely made it doable for me without  having to go purchase a ton of extra equipment.

By the end, I was able to lift heavier, push harder and was definitely stronger, mentally and physically.

My physical results weren't as grand as some of my friends, who lost over 10lbs and 10in from their bodies!  But I'm proud of my results all the same :).

I lost 2 inches, and gained 2lbs.  There's not a lot of visible evidence, but I feel confident that I BUILT the muscle and with proper cardio I'll burn the fat and be a lot stronger.  I'm so excited about the new strength and can't wait to see where I can go from here!

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