21 Day Fix Containers vs Macros Day 1

I've done the 21 Day Fix a lot of ways.  Of course I've used the containers and I got FABULOUS results--totally transformed the way I see food portions and view it as fuel for health.  After more than a year with the container plan "as written" I tried a round of Paleo, using the containers.  That was pretty difficult, since the two plans are vastly different, but I made it work with a LOT of sweet potatoes and meat for days...

This time I'm going big.  I followed Macros when doing another (predominantly weightlifting) and thought it would be a great experiment to see how closely the two plans actually are!  I ran my numbers and I'm ready to get started!

Day 1

Calories Left:  5

Breakfast:  Shakeology + 1 scoop protein powder
Lunch:  Cod + Broccoli + Potatoes
Snack:  Cottage Cheese + Mixed Fruit
Dinner:  Turkey Hotdog + Wheat Bun + Veggie Strips
Snack:  Carrots + Ranch Dressing
Snack:  Shakeology + 1 scoop protein powder

Container count:
Red:  6
Green:  4
Purple:  1
Yellow:  2
Blue:  1
Orange:  0
Tsp:  2

I didn't quite hit my macros on the first day.  I'm following a 1546 calorie plan, which puts me on the in between as far as Fix brackets go.  So I'm doing my best to stick to the 1200 plan for containers while adding enough extras to get me to my macros/calorie count.  It's not as difficult as it sounds ;).  We'll see how the rest of the week goes down!

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