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100 more days until I'm back with my TEAM heart emoticon. Last year's Coach Summit was AMAZING, with lots of learning, bonding, celebrating, working out with Shaun T, getting certified to teach PiYo, and completely growing as a person. I was away from my kids for the first time, and I came back from that trip renewed and ready to rock my business.
This year I will shake my booty with Autumn in her new Country Heat dance workout (oh, there WILL be photos and videos, no matter how embarrassing it is to me, don't you worry about that...), and I'll have an even larger team of coaches to bond with. Each year we grow as a team and we cherish the time we get to spend together, after spending so much time chatting with each other by Facebook or through video calls.
100 days! I actually have some pretty big goals to accomplish before I get to Nashville. I haven't done enough yet to help others start their own businesses, so I'm planning all sorts of mentorships and fun little gift packages for my new coaches who sign up in the next 100 days (and beyond). This business has given me so much. I feel it's only fair that I give back by sharing the amazing opportunity.
If you haven't already, go to and click "Going". Starting tomorrow, our large team of Knockout coaches will take turns sharing stories of success and explaining the details of what this "little coaching thing" is all about. My own story will be in there as well smile emoticon. I want my May mentorship group to be my largest New Coach Training I've ever hosted, filled with lots of positive energy and pure excitement!
It may not be your thing, and that's ok. But if you're intrigued, don't you think you owe it to yourself to tune in with an open mind and just SEE what else is out there? What if there's another option for you, and all you had to do was grab on and BELIEVE? If you can think of anyone who may be interested in chatting with me, please share this post and plug them into this Facebook event! I love you all for reading until the end of this post, and for your contined support heart emoticon. Hope to see you tomorrow!!

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