Free Gift with Purchase

I have TWO of these Fixate cookbooks to give away for the next two people to purchase a Challenge Pack. My next fitness bootcamp starts MONDAY, and I want to get you in it with the best tools possible!
These little containers helped me understand how to portion my food out properly for weight loss, and how to choose the right foods for nutrition. I struggled with eating healthy after having two kids 15 months apart--let's be honest, I was tired all the time, varying between not eating anything all day and eating everything all day, and I just didn't have the energy to TRY something new.
It wasn't until I went all in that I learned exactly how easy it is. Fitness, nutrition, portion control, support. Lucky for you, I can set you up with everything you need grin emoticon. AND, this cookbook has a bunch of "container friendly" recipes to help you get started!
Message me for info or post below that you'd like to hear more, and we'll chat about your goals and make sure to choose the perfect fitness and nutrition option for YOU heart emoticon. I'm super excited to share my own journey with you and watch you get started on yours! Can't wait to hear from you!

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