Monday Motivation

Ya'll, it's inevitable. We all fail so hard when we start something new. Whether it's a job, or weight loss program, or a relationship, or even a new hobby... we're going to mess up. If we're honest, we'll probably mess up a lot!
But here's what I've learned in my definitely-less-than-perfect life so far:
Learn: find out as much as you can about the situation, product, event, person, etc. and continue to learn even when you think you know it all
Do: action trumps knowledge, every time
Fail: mess up, do the wrong thing, own up to your mistake, plan better for the next time
Then Do It Again: go back through the steps, as many times as necessary
Eventually, the fail turns into a win. You get better at your hobby, you learn how to communicate in your relationship, you lose weight, you feel better, you earn more money, you get rewarded. But you can't get to that point if you keep quitting after that first failure! Right?
Just a little ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬ to think about <3 heart emoticon

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