Free health and fitness group

Any of my mama friends interested in a free 30 day health and fitness accountability group?
Here are your options:
1. Purchase a full fitness/nutrition pack from me (with nutrition shakes and a bit more of my help through the whole process)
2. Purchase a dvd workout program from me (without nutrition shake option)
3. Do a 30 day free trial of streaming workouts through Beachbody On Demand
4. Come in with your own "thing" (dvd program, gym workouts, crossfit, YouTube videos, whatever)--no purchase required
Kids are almost out of school and summer's coming. I don't always offer full 30 day free groups like this, so I hope you'll jump in with me and stay accountable to yourself and the group while we work to get ready for summer fun heart emoticon
Just comment below with your contact info or message me at if you want me to add you to the group smile emoticon And if you need help choosing a program option, let's get that going ASAP!

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