Mamas, Let Your Light Shine

Mamas, I get where you are. I was there not too long ago. I remember vividly looking into the mirror, trying to stuff myself into my regular (non-maternity) pants, and hating what I saw, what I felt. It was beyond looks at that point... I was in pain--bloating, back aching, headaches, depression, frequent illness, constantly getting winded, insanely poor attitude, and though I knew I was a good mom I still felt like I was holding back from being the kind of mom I wanted to be.
I couldn't afford a personal trainer, and didn't have childcare anyway. I didn't have time to go to a gym. I hated DVD workouts because I always lost motivation. Making healthy meals was impossible. There's no way my husband would be on board with a healthy lifestyle change. It was just too late for me.
^^^ Please, please, don't let this be your ending.
You know that saying about it being darkest before the dawn? That was true for me. I realized I couldn't really feel much worse about myself, and my health wasn't going to get any better by complaining. So I got my butt up and said yes to a friend's request to join a group, with a DVD workout set, with a meal replacement shake, with a nutrition guide, and with her support the entire way through.
I did my workouts, learned how to make foods that my family would eat too, and I lost weight and found myself. <---Yes, that sounds cliche, but honestly, ladies, you KNOW it's true. ONE ACTION towards a more positive life snowballs, and suddenly you're starting to think about all the ways you can keep improving, rather than focusing on what's wrong in life.
I had that wakeup call and I'm SO THANKFUL FOR IT!! I became a COACH so I could help other women just like me feel better. It's been almost TWO YEARS since that day in front of the mirror. I looked in the mirror today and saw a confident rockstar who is BETTER because of all I had to go through to be here right now. It was HARD! OMG it was hard. It still is sometimes. But it's just so. worth. it.
If this is YOUR wakeup call, let me be that support for you! I host groups every month, and my next one starts in just a couple weeks. We have plenty of time to talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what steps to take to get you there. I believe you can do this!! I also believe I can help get you started.
Are you ready to find your light? smile emoticon

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