Celebrating Two Years of Coaching!

June 19 marks my TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY as a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody!  I am amazed and so proud to be a coach, two years later, with a team of 24 coaches in my downline and over 150 people who have trusted me to help them in a small or large way to become healthier versions of themselves.

Over the past two years I've learned how to eat better (higher quality foods, smarter portions, whole food nutrition), how to use exercise to feel less anxiety and to feel more peace, how to incorporate personal development to shape my mindset, and how to rely on a team to help me dream bigger than I ever had before.

I didn't start this business with any expectations.  Honestly, I just wanted a discount on my Shakeology, and I ended up loving how I was feeling so much that I wanted to see if anyone else could benefit from this new system I'd found.  It was almost by accident that I decided to go all in, during a summer where I was moving and travelling and had every excuse in the world why I should just wait for the "right time"...

Those moments that seem the hardest are often the ones that you'll most cherish later, because they show you what you're made of, and how high you can fly.  It was like that for me anyway.  Here I am, two years later, still working this "little fitness thing" from wherever I go.  I'm once again moving this summer, once again traveling, and once again rocking my own schedule.

Becoming certified to teach PiYo Live, leaving my kids for the first time to go to Coach Summit in Nashville, earning my first paycheck, earning my first $500 month, signing my first teammate coach, rank advancing, helping my first client, helping every single client since that first one... I love to celebrate each and every milestone (some quietly and some shouted on every social media outlet I have!), because they truly remind me how grateful I am that this opportunity was presented to me and that I found the courage to take it.

You can do this, if you want it :).  You can work from home, sharing your own journey about the products you love, earning an income from helping others take control of their lives and becoming healthy and fit.  You can work as little or as much as you want.  You can have no cap on your earning potential, because you build your own team, you help your own clients, and you can just keep building and keep growing.  But you have a larger team to lean on, to celebrate with, and to keep you going when times get hard or life gets messy.

I have made some of the BEST friends through Beachbody and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  If you get little butterflies in your gut wondering what it's like to take a chance, message me right now!!  I am looking for people with big dreams, even if you don't know exactly how to reach them.  If the "why" is there, we can figure out the "how" together <3.

Are you ready to chat?  All you need to do is ask me "what's this coaching thing all about" and I'll add you to my next Coach Opportunity Happy Hour, or send you some personalized info on how it might benefit YOU and YOUR dream.

Find me at all the usual places:

facebook:  shannonambrosonCOACH
instagram:  shannonambroson
twitter:  shannonambroson
pinterest:  shannonambroson
online:  shannonambroson.com
email:  shannonambroson@live.com

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