Hometown Pride

I don't get back to my hometown often--maybe twice a year if I'm lucky. And of course I tend to notice all the ways it's run down, or changed, and how the small town feels so different now that I've been away almost as long as I lived there.

But one of my favorite traditions is the Flag Day celebration, where the American Flags line the town from one end to the other.  It just feels so respectful and patriotic, especially this year as I'm teaching my own children that their deployed daddy is working to defend everything that flag means to us.

I don't know if every town does this, but it sure means a lot to me, as it does to the rest of the town members and visitors who get to see the line of waving stars and stripes.

I hope we carry on this patriotism and sense of community pride for many years--it's a nice little gem.

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