A little story

I'd like to tell you a little story about who I am and where I started--at least, the shortened version .
I suppose my story should start by admitting my history with depression, anxiety, and anorexia. I had a horrible relationship with myself, and with food, and it caused me a lot of dark days as a young adult. As an adult it turned to overeating feeling hopeless to making any sort of health change STICK.
My turning point was a particular summer when my military family was going through yet another move, with two kids (who are 15 months apart). I was tired, my knees and back were shot, I'd tried so many workouts, both at home and at the gym, and I just couldn't seem to make anything work for me. The gym wasn't going to work anymore because of the small children (they were two and three at the time), and even running was hurting my body. I had no idea what to do, but I finally knew I'd HAD IT!
It was, on paper, the WORST time for me to start a new workout program, let alone a NEW BUSINESS, but my friend was behind me 100%, helping me get started on a complete transformation and I just honestly jumped in with both feet! I started with a program called PiYo, which is low impact and really motivating, which was exactly what I needed!! Within a couple weeks I noticed a huge difference in my knees and back--both felt stronger and had less pain--and my mental clarity was through the roof having had a couple weeks of eating clean and drinking Shakeology. I'd been lacking the correct macros to give me energy without the crash, and to help me lose the weight, so once I got it all "figured out" it wasn't long before I'd lost my first 10lbs and 5 inches .
The business part happened organically. I signed on as a coach for the discount. Plain and simple, I knew I wanted to drink Shakeology every single day and I knew saving money was a no brainer. But I also made a promise to my husband that I'd never have to PAY for my shakes. I'd work to earn enough each month to cover the cost--plus I'd give up Chickfila and Starbucks until I made enough to add them both back into the budget.
This is the part I feel so blessed about... that promise I made, I've fulfilled every month for the past two years . I've never once had to "pay" for my Shakeology. I've ALWAYS earned enough to cover my cost, and a secondary shipment for when my husband or kids decide to make smoothies too .
Over the past couple years I've gone from overweight and hurting (at 5'2" I have to be careful at the extra weight I put on my small frame--lots of joint pain!) to strong and confident in my ability to succeed. I went out of my comfort zone so many times, getting certified as a PiYo Live instructor (to throw it back to the program I started with) and leaving my kiddos for the first time last summer to go to Nashville with my team!
I just went through another one of those military moves, this time without the hubby (who is deployed), and I did it without a single panic attack or huge depressive episode. YES, of course I had anxiety, but it was all manageable this time around because I'd stuck to my healthy lifestyle and made my self-improvement a constant habit.
It may sound cliche, but this is my story! And it's a similar story to a lot of the moms I meet on our team. And when I tell you it could be YOUR story, I mean it. ANYONE can do this. ANYONE can get healthier, lose weight, start a business from HOME, and change his or her life, and life for the entire family. I don't sell fitness programs and a pricey shake. I sell hope, to those who just need someone to believe in them . And that is a beautiful thing 

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