2017 is your year to shine

Happy Monday--the day after Christmas 🌲 and the day of the leggings ;).

It's almost time. Do you feel it?  That bloat, that tight-pants pain, that sluggish feeling and maybe even a headache or cloudy brain? 😵

I follow an 80/20 rule of eating clean 80% of the time, with an occassional variation thrown in 20% of the time to keep me from restricting too much and going off the rails. But christmas for me is always more of a 50/50 ;).

It's about time to start that 80/20 train a-rolling again!!  I'm starting with a 3 day cleanse on Jan 3, and then heading into a 30 day fitness and nutrition group shortly after, so I can transition back to the foods that fuel my body, rather than the processed sugary candies and desserts that fuel me through Christmas ;).

Want to jump on the train with me? I'm taking on new clients for the new year, and will gladly welcome anyone back who's worked with me before, so we can help each other get to our 2017 goals EARLY ON!  No fitfriend left behind 👊

Message me to chat about what you're working toward, and as always look for my updated challenge group info on my website, www.knockoutsrising.com  <3.

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