21 Day Fix Paleo (again)

Hey everyone!  I hope this post finds you well--healthy and happy :).  I am revisiting a subject I've tackled before, but it's come up again and I'm excited to share some more with you about combining the 21 Day Fix portion control container system with the Paleo diet!

In my original post here, I talked a bit about what Paleo is, and what the 21 Day Fix is, and how they can combine together.

I'm at it again, starting another round of Paleo on Monday.  I've been following the keto diet, which I LOVE, but there's a lot of dairy and I'm beginning to feel it.  Time for a switch up <3.  Both of these diets focus on real whole foods and low carbs, so it's pretty easy to transition back and forth as needed.

So let's talk about these containers.  They're AMAZING for measuring out correct portions!  I've been weighing my food and inputting everything into an app to count out macros.  I'm looking forward to getting back to the ease of thinking in colors, and using the containers again.

First of all, you need the Portion Fix containers.  And guess what??  You can buy them from ME ;).  Message me and I'll get you set up right away!

Next, figure out your calorie bracket and container counts.  You can do that a few different ways (each fitness program has their own nutrition breakdown), but the simple formula to follow is this:

According to this chart, I fall into the first category, giving me the above number of each containers every day.  No counting calories from here on out.  It's all about the number of containers!

I spent some time looking at my 21 Day Fix Paleo Food List to come up with a meal plan for next week, which I'll follow along with each day.  I've planned out all meals and snacks, so there's no question about what to do or what to buy!

It's important to note that there may be other foods you can use as a "yellow".  There are no grains in the paleo diet, so most of the approved foods for the 21 Day Fix aren't allowed as part of the paleo version of the plan.  You can use some of the starchier veggies as yellows, or swap a yellow container for another that will give you roughly the same calories and macros.

For this round I'll be swapping out a yellow for a blue each day, as I'm transitioning from a much higher fat macro number with keto.  I'm used to no grains (though I do miss them!), but I don't want to give up my fats!  I believe having my avocado AND my nuts each day will do me some good.

I will also continue with Shakeology every day.  It's iffy on the Paleo scale because of its pea and oat proteins, but the benefits FAR outweigh that slight fact.  It's been more than 3 years for me drinking my daily shake, so I'll stick with it :).

Any time I'm extra hungry, I'll allow myself extra veggies or an extra teaspoon.  I'm not about to starve myself.  By now I can tell the difference between boredom hunger and true hunger.  If you aren't there yet, make sure you stick to the plan as closely as possible to avoid overeating one bite at a time ;).

My plan:

Cheese is going to be the hardest thing to give up :/.  I've grown to love it!  But that's all part of the deal... you give and you get, in the name of health!

I'll update as I go!  Have you done a paleo version of the 21 Day Fix, or the Portion Fix?  I'll share my tips as I go, but I'd love to hear yours as well!

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