One small decision

I watched a video from a military commander who advised his unit to make their beds first thing in the morning. If the day is a failure, at least you'll come home to a made bed, he reasoned. But more than that, the one small action first thing in the morning would make him feel good about his choice, and give him a boost in confidence and mood, which would lead to another small choice and another small boost in mood and confidence. Do this every day and you'll start to live a life you feel great about.

I don't always make my bed. But I choose to get up and exercise. For me, that's the choice that makes me feel good and propels me into my day. If the rest of the day is an epic failure, at least I did that and felt proud of that accomplishment!

Whatever your morning choices are, make them and own them! And remind yourself that it's all those small decisions that make up who you are as a person each and every day.

Make your bed.
Get up an hour earlier.
Sit down for breakfast.
Hug your spouse.
Put a note in your kid's lunch.

Do the small things. Live in the small moments. Let your choices and decisions create a life of peace ✌

Who doesn't want that?
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