Shift Shop Results

Round One is in the books!  Over the past few weeks I've seriously toned my muscles (I can feel the muscles in my legs and core, and my arms feel stronger too).  I lost about 5 lbs too, though it's come back in a bit of water weight and bloat due to a certain hormonal factor ;).  It'll come back off again in a few days.  I'm hoping to lose another 5lbs during this second round and continue losing inches and toning muscle <3.

Round One started with a week of 25 minute workouts, then moved to a week of 35 minute workouts, and finished with a week of 45 minute workouts.  Each week varied between Speed (cardio) and Strength (weights), and every single workout was a challenge!

Round Two begins with the 35 minute week, moves onto the 45 minute week and finishes with a bonus 50 minute week.  Whew, let's do it!!

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