Accidental Homeschool Mama

There are some changes coming up this summer for our family, all of which are a bit unconventional.  We are a military family, so we're used to going with the flow, so this doesn't really come as much of a shock for us.

Punch 1:  Hubby is getting out of active duty!  We're super excited about that, as we've had enough of long hours, military moves, deployments, and constant changes in plans due to being "owned" by a lifestyle we've absolutely enjoyed but are frankly just done with.

With that change comes the obvious question:  What do we do now??

Punch 2:  He's going to work as a part-time Reserve Pilot while also taking on a new Pilot position (Punch 3) at a major airline <3.

Feeling a bit dizzy yet? ;)

So of course, that means we need to think carefully about where we're living, how we're schooling, and what our timeline will look like over the next year.

Our lease runs out at the end of July, and so does our paycheck for a bit (Punch 4) while we wait for training to begin.

Enter the crazy part of the plan.

We're eventually moving to one of the airline hubs, where we'll hopefully stay for a long while (maybe our forever home?), but we aren't ready to commit to the WHERE before he actually begins training, right?

So the plan is to take a small detour to the inlaws' lakehouse basement until we've found a home (Punch 5).  We'll pack up all our stuff here and place it into storage, only taking the things we'll need for the next few months.  Once we find our new home we'll secure the delivery of the rest of our household goods and start our new airline life!

And of course with all this moving and unknown travelling dates, we've decided that homeschooling for the year is our best chance at giving the girls a wonderful education that fits in with our mess (Punch 6).

Sorry to knock ya'll out like that ;).  I know it's a lot to process!

I figured since it's such a unique situation and story, it would be fun to share it!  I'll be using this blog as my platform, using the "accidentalhomeschoolmama" label and hashtag on my social media.  If you've done a year of homeschool before transitioning back to public schools (our current plan, as we don't feel the need to homeschool forever), let me know in the comments how it went for you!  Do you have any tips for me? :)

Peace, out!
<3 Quirky Girl

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