Homeschool Starts Monday!!

We've set a date.  We're starting school MONDAY!  I know that's too soon for some.  I keep hearing things like "Let them have a summer!" and "WOW, why would you choose to start that soon?" and let me tell you, I am just fine hearing everyone's opinion ;).  The beauty of homeschool is that I get to decide all of it!

I looked at the calendar for the next few months and realized we have a lot coming up LATER with visitors, appointments, Chris leaving again, looking for a new home, moving, and just enjoying our time here at the lake.  So by starting a bit early we'll be able to get a jump on things, set a routine, and be able to take time off as we need it without feeling too stressed <3.

I'm probably more excited than the kids are :).  I made my schedule, readied my papers, and Chris will be here to help me through the first week's bumps.

Eeeeeekkkkk  <3

I've mentioned before that we chose to purchase a curated kit from a company, rather than piece together curriculum since we'd never done this before.  I added a few things that I already had and will make it all work together throughout the year!  Looking back I'm still glad we did that, but I may have minimized a bit.  We chose a few "extras" from the kit that we may find we don't need, but hopefully those extras are what make school at home seem more fun :).  That was the thought behind it anyway!

Here's a bit of what we chose.  This is a combination of 1st and 2nd grade.  Some subjects they'll have their own levels, and others will be blended.  I absolutely love how this worked out!!

I have a few more "games" and things that will go with science and thinking skills.  We have an engineering set for each kid to build little projects and some extra little mind games.  Sonja tested into the gifted program at her old school and I definitely don't want to forget about that <3.  

If you're doing homeschool this year with your children, are you using any of the same books and resources I am? :)  I'd love to connect and share once we dive in.  I'm iffy about our History choices (minus the awesome womens history book I added), since it looks a little "dry", but I'm really excited about everything else so I will just make an effort to make history a bit more fun, or let the girls know that not everything is perfect in life  ;).

Jot me a note and let me know what YOU'RE using this year, and when you're starting!

Happy Learning!

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