Homeschool Update: Week 4

In true homeschool style, we're on Week 4 and already shifting around curriculum. 

What we're loving: All About Reading (reading), Story of the World (history), Building Blocks of Science (science), Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners Geography (geography), Spectrum Test Practice (general knowledge), Engino building projects (STEM), and all the doodle, draw, and write books we have for extras

What we're "ok" with: Math-U-See (math), Evan-Moor Daily 6 Trait Writing (writing), and various thinking games

What we're not loving at all: Spelling You See (spelling), Mini-Luk (thinking skills)

I'm attempting to sell the Mini-Luk, and I've purchased  different spelling and thinking skills books. We're blasting through our Geography lessons too, so I'll need to add something fun when that's finished.  Any suggestions for a 1st and 2nd grade Geography lesson?  I'm also considering just swapping for units on animals and plants in the different regions (plains, rainforests, deserts, etc) since the kiddos seem to love learning about animals.

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