Homeschool online reaources

Hey friends!! We're in Week 7 of our homeschool adventure (hard to believe it's been 7 weeks already!!) We're at the stage where were pretty good with timing and number of subjects to do each day, though we still have a bit of trouble with focus and motivation some days ;).

I'm finding that when I can add some online resources and videos we learn a lot more than when we just read from textbooks. It's the combination that reinforces the subject and makes it more fun .

We love SciKids on YouTube, and Storybots on Netflix, to help us with science. We also use Life print and YouTube for our daily ASL lesson, and our math curriculum has some videos online to help me instruct (though it's helpful for E to watch too since the explanation is so good). We're finding new favorites each week :).

What are your favorite online supplements and resources? I'd love to hear!

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